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Unsure what you’re looking for? Here’s a guide to what appears in the categories I’ve provided:

Fiction: This has short stories & also pieces of larger works of fiction. Genres include, but are not limited to sci-fi, horror, fantasy, drama, & romance.

Film & Music Reviews: Reviews of individual films, best-of & worst-of film lists, best-of & worst-of music lists, themed playlists for your listening pleasure.

Miscellaneous: Anything that doesn’t really fit into the other categories as I’ve described will appear here.

On Millennials: There are countless articles from countless people making countless accusations & asking countless questions about people from my generation, most commonly known as Gen Y or Millennials. This series of posts are my answers to some of those.

Opinion: These are my opinions & stances on many different subjects.

Orphanage Rules: My entire life, being a girl/woman means adhering to certain rules. This series of posts explores pieces of advice & helpful hints on how to be a good, safe, successful woman. *Unless otherwise specified, these are all things I have been told directly by at least one man.

Personal Stories: These are things about my life you may find interesting. I will share some deeply personal & detailed accounts of important events as I experienced them.

Romance & Sexytimes: This covers everything I will write about romantic & sexual relationships. Dating, casual sex, marriage, divorce, breakups, etc. This will include personal accounts, advice, humor, & opinions.

Twitter: I’m very active on Twitter. I try to keep my threads organized on that platform, but you’ll also be able to find them here.

…But What About The Men?: Welp, here we are. Without fail, whenever I talk about issues concerning women, non-binary folks, or anyone else that isn’t a (cis) man, my space gets filled with (cis) men asking, “What about me?”. So here is an entire category strictly about men & men’s issues.