Legality vs. Morality

Hi there! Welcome to the land of explanations! This one’s so important that I felt it needed its own entire page.

What I write on this blog consists of verifiable facts & my own opinions. I am not a lawyer or a judge or a jury. I’m not a politician or a news source. I’m not interested in being any of those things. I am a person with things I want to say and access to the internet. Unless I specifically say so, I’m not talking about legality.

I have a firm “No Derailing” policy in all of my online spaces. Feel free to start a dialogue, but if you’re commenting or interjecting on a particular subject to present a point that isn’t relevant, you won’t be welcome. This includes responding to my opinions or moral stances with a legal argument.

My willingness (and obligation) to obey laws does not mean I agree with them or believe them to be sound defences against moral wrongs. If I think something is right or wrong, it isn’t about the law. It’s about what’s right or wrong. I’m perfectly within my rights to hold these opinions and will continue to do so. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but present arguments that are relevant to what I’m saying.

That is all.

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